FoodCycler™ is all about redefining waste and closing the loop on the entire concept of the word waste. Food waste should not be a straight line, from kitchen to dump. It should be a never-ending cycle, from kitchen to garden and back again to the kitchen: from wasting food, to feeding the earth, to feeding ourselves. FoodCycler™ makes that possible.

Vitamix has partnered with FoodCycler to provide households and businesses with their one-stop solution to food waste. The FoodCyler team is composed of dynamic, passionate individuals who are fully committed to serving the market with revolutionary technology that cuts waste at the source.

FoodCyler products eliminate organic waste in industrial and commercial capacities, offering various sizes to meet the needs of facility owners in their goals to curb waste. Each unit is self-contained and emits no steam, odors or gasses – just a small amount of potable water.

Together Vitamix and FoodCycler are 100% committed to revolutionizing households and businesses all over the world by providing state-of-the-art innovation and industry standard technology.


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