We Love Life & The Planet

We have built companies recognized in over 30 awards, all centered around Sustainability and Clean Living. From Organic veggies to local food distribution to environmentally responsible landscaping, we’ve been trying to help people and the planet our whole careers. Now we want to build a community of people like us. People trying to do all the things and knowing it’s pretty much impossible to do them all well. Let’s help each other take steps, then more steps, in the right direction. Let’s gather and collaborate and have fun.

Clean living is hard! Often it’s overwhelming. Often we have to choose between things that are all important to us. Often the planet loses. But we keep trying each day to be better. Mason’s engineering background combined with Jess’ endless curiosity and their passion for doing the right things lead to some really fun and meaningful adventures that we wanna share with you. 

We’ve worked in Sustainability our whole careers but still have a ton to learn. We love to party and socialize and it’s so hard to think about the planet during those activities. Let’s have fun together and not judge each other if we’re using plastic straws just this once. We co-parent two wonderful kids and sometimes we get those non-recyclable juice boxes cause that’s what’s needed. But we try to raise them thinking about the planet, too. We’re constantly trying to learn about healthy habits and keep our bodies in good shape even while wrecking them at the bar occasionally. We want to be good partners and have an awesome sex life. What’s really in lube, anyways? Join the Mostlygreen Crew on an eco-journey and let’s do all the things!

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