Petal was created to help re-invent the everyday by creating stylish and sustainable personal care products which reduce waste and take the dirt out of clean.

Finding the right cleaning solutions can be difficult. A majority of “all-natural” hand soaps either don’t
work or contain untested chemical alternatives that are tucked within the tiny text of labels.

So, Petal started their journey to a cleaner home by introducing a foaming hand soap made with sustainable aluminium packaging, fresh scents, and all-natural ingredients that make cleaning, kinda cool.

Traditional cleaning products require alot of plastic, which if they’re not recycled properly can lead to TONS of extra waste (literally). So, Petal did the dirty work and built a sustainable subscription service making sure that their products are not only sustainable but also super convenient. Because, less trips to the store equals more memories made.

Petal is on a mission to help the world make smarter decisions for a better way forward!

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