Iliamna Fish Co.

What is a Salmon Share?

Iliamna Fish Co. is owned and operated by fishermen who spend their summers catching wild salmon in Bristol Bay, Alaska, where each of their families have been fishing for generations. (2 of the 6 founders of Iliamna Fish Co. are tribal members of federally-recognized Native Alaskan tribes.)

A community supported fishery (CSF) allows an individual to buy fish directly from a fisherman, instead of through the (sometimes murky) world of seafood distributors. The hallmarks of a CSF are transparency and a clear chain of custody from a fisherman to your home kitchen. When you become a shareholder in a fishery, you cease to be a consumer of a commodity and you become, instead, a stakeholder in the well-being of a vibrant, living marine ecosystem.

Though now commonplace in fisheries all over the US, Iliamna Fish Co. was one of the country’s first member-supported fishery companies. In 2006, they adapted the CSA model to the wild Alaskan salmon fishery and small boats.

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