The Mostlygreen.life Origin Story Lite


building community with sustainabilityMy favorite part of all the companies I’ve started is connecting directly with the community and with other people, all trying to do better. What we’re working towards may be different in any given day, but everyone can agree that we want to be good people and not destroy the planet. When the pandemic hit, so many strange things happened around environmental awareness. Some things were awesome like witnessing how resilient ecosystems are when they’re left alone even for a little while, as seen in The Year The Earth Changed. While other things were really sad things like the explosion of plastic and non-recyclable packaging for all the to-go orders and such. Totally understand the need, but still sad for ole Mother Nature. And some just odd things, like communities being distant and banding together online at the same time. That’s when we started thinking about Mostlygreen.life.

And, to be frank, the natural environment seemed to get more politicized and sometimes more polarizing than ever! Jess and I are very much in the middle. We want to take care of the planet, and we accept that sometimes it’s hard. We all have our lives and at times we’re just trying to get by. When that happens, environmental consciousness goes down. Taking steps towards re-awakening our environmental consciousness can be a 2-steps forward, 1-step back kind of journey. We feel that. That’s us. We don’t want to shame anyone. We love the eco-warriors pushing us as hard as they can to be better. But we can’t feel bad when we don’t live up to their standards. Sometimes we throw cans in the trash. Sometimes the best we can do for the planet is single-use takeout containers, being lazy in bed, wondering which bar we left our chakras in.

But we wanna get up the next day and be better. We want to learn about sustainability and find the little things we can do to better our planet. We want to talk to people doing good things and learn from them (cue podcast). We want to dig into issues from a balanced perspective, leaning on my science background (Chemical Engineering degree from UT Austin) for a healthy dose of skepticism towards claims on both sides. We want to build a community of people who want the same things. Let’s learn from each other. We often feel like the tiny things we do don’t really matter. Let’s gather thousands, then tens of thousands, then hundreds of thousands, then millions…well you get the point…of people so that when we all do tiny things, together, they make a big difference!

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