Not Your Bird-Watcher Friend’s Finch


As we’ve mentioned, we’re trying to bring balanced, reasonable, and critical thought to health and environmental issues. HUGE task….like, overwhelming at times. We could spend months on individual topics, so a short-cut to the core of some issues would be a huge help for making sustainability easier. Enter Finch! When we first got introduced, we were giddy. After one conversation, we were in love.

I mean, check out their mission statement – “We believe everyone can crack the sustainability code and that, together, we can find the best of the best – best in function, best in experience, and best for a healthy, just planet.” Founded by Lizzie Horvitz, a multi-degreed environmentalist who loves to dive deep into sustainability issues using her science background and sharing that info with her friends and family. In 2017 she took the leap to start sharing it with others. She’s since built a powerful team and advisor set from international environmental lawyers to data scientists and machine learning experts to PhDs in sciences and consumer goods. And they’re soon launching a browser extension to make choosing sustainability in your purchases even easier.

These are the kind of people we wanna conquer the world with. So, we’re going to work together. We’re going to work together to bring you the information you need for the choices in front of you. They’ve paved the way in several areas, like product reviews, so we’ll highlight those whenever it’s useful. They haven’t tackled much in the way of food, and whadaya know…we’ve got a ton of research and knowledge on food! We may not always agree (which is ok!), and sometimes their stuff is really heavy (in a good science-y way), but we’ll always be working towards the same thing – making sustainability easier, more approachable, and understandable. Be sure to let us know what you think of Finch here.

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